Lets have a sneak peak at what we have in stall for you.. (No pun intended!)

We are proud to announce ‘THE RAT BREWERY’ will be joining us again this year.. They have gone above and beyond only being a market stallholder, and are now joining us as a major sponsor... Welcome... We’ll drink to that!! 

We’ve got Ben & Jerry’s Kombi Van!! Come and get your laughing gear around the delectable and irresistible flavours… triple caramel chunk… chocolate chip cookie dough…chunky monkey… Whoa… Can I get a ‘hell yeah’?

Shhhh cake has a surprise ... But you will have to wait and see…

Janey and Kipp will go out with a bang in their very last stall…           

And the famous Lemonade stand will bring a citrus twist this year.. Brace yourselves people!! 

Don’t forget about your furry little canine friends… Spoilt little puppy will be spoiling them with homemade treats.. Your dogs will wuff it!! 

Yes, Yes we know you’re excited… That’s enough for now… the countdown is on!! 24 Sleeps!! We know it’s already penciled in on your calendar.. If not mock designs will have you covered for calendars for 2012! 

Tell friends.. Tell your family.. Tell anyone and everyone.. Hell even shout it to your neighbour!! See your fine self there!! 

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